About Us


Who We Are

BONUTRAX PTY LTD is a company established in the year 2016 represented, directed and managed by one black youth male South African Citizen. The Company is 100% Youth Black Owned.

BONUTRAX PTY LTD was established by its director who is a young vibrant and energetic individual with the prime objective to contribute to the economy of the country through creating employment, transferring skills, business opportunities and wealth for the youth and the forth coming generations of this country especially those who are historically disadvantaged.

The BonuTrax Team

Why Choose Us?

Our Vision

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the economic environment.

Our Mission

To maintain consistency and ultimate client and customer satisfaction. To alleviate the effects of Socio-Economic challenges and to utilize technological advancements.

Our Values

To conduct business in a way that does not compromise the reputation and integrity of the company, its members, employees and all relevant stakeholders through.

Our Environmental Commitment

We understand that the environment is important and therefore, amongst other things, commits itself to the responsibility of taking care of the environment.

We will promote open communication and environmental concern.

We will involve communities and other concerned interest groups with regards to environmental programs.

We will establish Environmental Management Programmes.

We will respond to Corporate Social Investment and Responsibility.


This statement sets out how we shall commit to an Integrated Management System of adopting and implementing the ISO 9001:2008, the ISO 14001: 2004 and the OHSAS 18001 of 2007. Through our commitment to achieve the highest standards of SHEQ performance throughout our operations we shall undertake all our activities in a highly responsible, professional and competent manner and strive to continuously improve performance towards an ultimate objective of zero defects, incidents, injuries, failures or complaints together with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Our commitment translates into important practical statements, actions and initiatives which we now set out.

To ensure a safe and secure working environment for our employees, customers, partners and the public in general.
To ensure that our business has minimum impact on the environment and on the assets of ourselves and others.
Systems are designed to comply with all legislation as a minimum, but very often exceed those requirements and achieve best practice.
We will discontinue activities which cannot be undertaken safely, securely, or in a professional manner.
We take any SHEQ incident very seriously.All incidents are reported and investigated by trained personnel and all learning from both patterns of incidents as well as individual incidents are used to develop corrective and preventative measures.
All corrective and preventative measures are implemented and followed up for effectiveness.
We know that the performance of our people is directly related to our SHEQ performance. We have therefore developed recruitment, training and employee management programmes to ensure we employ the best people and to continually improve their skills, behaviour, motivation and performance.
Key partner subcontractors are fully integrated into our TQM Systems and SHEQ programmes.
To meet our obligations to our customers and to exceed them where appropriate. Customer satisfaction is important to us and to business retention.
We assess all operational risks and design systems and procedures to minimize and manage those risks.
All employees are encouraged to take their individual responsibility for good SHEQ performance as seriously as the company does. Good performance will be recognised and respected. Wilful or repeated negligence will not be tolerated.
Implement a series of supporting policies which focus in more detail on specific aspects of SHEQ. These include: drugs and alcohol, smoking, seat belts, security, mobile phones, behaviour based safety, pollution prevention, and resource conservation.

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